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Superior Singing Method Review: Is Aaron Anastasi’s Method On How To Sing As Superior As It Makes Out?

Superior Singing Method Review: A Band Singing After Lessons From Aaron Anastasia

Read My Comprehensive Review And Find Out If It’s Any Good!

I’ve tried the Superior Singing Method and when I tell people about it, they ask me questions like: Is it any good? Does it really work? Is it worth the money?

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. My parents couldn’t afford to get me proper singing lessons so my voice just developed naturally over the years with a little bit of coaching in high school.

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My Voice Used To Break & Crack When I Sang

I knew I had a good voice and was really confident – always being the first up at any Karaoke parties my friends and I went to. I loved to show off but the problem was my singing voice wasn’t as strong as I’d have liked.

I tried doing a few gigs as a wedding singer, but my voice had no stamina because it was never trained properly and so my singing was a bit shaky at times and often broke or cracked the longer I sang.

That’s when I decided to find a singing coach and get some proper lessons. There are so many coaches out there who claim to be able to help people with my problem, but they were charging up to $100 per session.

That was a bit too expensive for me and I was about to drop the whole idea when I stumbled across the Superior Singing Method while searching online.

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Superior Singing Method Review – Does It Work?

Well, I’ve tried it and my voice is more than 100% better than before I started and improving every day. I’ve started doing wedding gigs again and now charge around $200 per wedding. I have so much more confidence now! I could literally sing all day.

My voice was nowhere near this level before I started. It’s actually embarrassing to listen back to some of my old gig recordings that I actually charged people for.

After having found such success with Aaron’s coaching program I decided to write a review to help other people decide if Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method is right for them.

What Is The Superior Singing Method?

Superior Singing Method Overview

Aaron Anastasi’s superior singing method is a step by step personal vocal training system that he has used to help over 10,000 beginners and professionals alike worldwide to learn how to sing better.

His proven system is the result of years of experience and advanced vocal training research, student feedback and lesson tweaks to coach people to sing better in the quickest time possible.

The complete online multimedia coaching package that you can use from the comfort of your own home comes in the form of 8 voice training modules which contain 31 audio vocal exercises and over 50 singing lesson videos.

The whole coaching program is also 100% guaranteed to improve your singing or your money back.

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Aaron's Ultimate Course On How To Sing

What Results Should You Expect From The Superior Singing Method Course?

As mentioned previously, Aaron has helped 1000’s of singers in many countries, including myself, to improve their voice with his proven and guaranteed coaching program. Here’s what you can expect from the course:

Vocal Control – You will be developing your vocal control to eliminate breaks, shakiness or cracks and your voice should become stronger.

Improve Pitch – Your vocal muscles will become stronger and allow you to maintain the correct note pitch throughout the range including when you sing vibrato.

Full Tone – Learn to develop your own unique tone which is rich and smooth and right for your voice.

Vocal Power – You will discover how to relax your voice in order to sing with extra confidence and power. This will be achieved through dynamic vocal exercises that make your strength and resonance better. Developing this power will also benefit your tone and pitch. You’ll also discover how to sing properly from your diaphragm.

Voice Agility – You be able to bounce between notes quickly and effortlessly as you sing and start trying new things with your voice that were impossible before.

Mix Voice – Sing higher notes with more power, tone and better pitch with less tension and strain.

As you can see above, the list of techniques you will learn pretty much covers every aspect of your singing voice you would ever need to improve.

I can certainly vouch for the system with my own results as I totally eliminated the breaks and cracks in my singing and, with all the training and coaching, I’m so much more confident as well. I really feel much better now about taking on paid gigs.

I really do believe I’m giving professional value for money with my performances now.

What Do Other People Think About These Online Singing Lessons?

I’m not the only one who’s getting great results with Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method. There are many of his other students, who have completed the course, all talking about how great their vocals are now.

Many students are discovering results from their daily practice within a week of starting the course. Some are even reporting that after two weeks of practice, they were singing songs they couldn’t even dream of attempting before. One of Aaron’s students says:

I have been using Superior Singing Method for about a week. I have noticed a better control in being able to hit the right notes and better tone quality in overall singing…it is becoming easier to hit the correct notes without having to slide up or down to them. – Ken Anderson

Another student couldn’t believe how easy it is to train and strengthen the larynx muscle and now finds it much easier to control his pitch. Here’s what he had to say:

It is obvious that it will improve a number of things — the ability to stay on pitch, the ability to move easily from low notes to high without struggling to find the pitch or sliding into it. I also found it interesting that the larynx can be strengthened by daily workouts, much like other muscles in the body. – Cary Watt

Ray from Florida remarked how happy he was with Aaron’s coaching program and the great value he got from it. He is now able to hit higher notes and feels less strain when he is doing so. He also mentioned how flexible the course is compared to normal singing lessons. Read what he had to say:

The unique exercises have taken me beyond a simple warm up routine helping my voice “breakthrough”. My range has increased, I hit higher notes, and I feel less strain in my voice and notes that were once impossible to reach are now easy to sing. I like that the online course is much more affordable than expensive private singing lessons. I have the flexibility to do my singing lessons when it is most convenient and I can work through the modules at my own pace. Aaron is an incredible teacher…it definitely has improved my voice! – Ray D

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Aaron Anastasi's Ultimate Singing Course Review

Things To Watch Out For In This Online Course

Throughout my Superior Singing Method review, I’ve shown that it’s proven and guaranteed to work for many different people with many different abilities from beginner to professional as you saw from some of the reviews earlier.

The program is not however a magic wand that will make you into a pop idol overnight. If you’re not willing to commit to this and practice every day for the full duration of the course, you’re not very likely to see great results.

This course is also not going to work if you skip through some of the lessons to get results quicker. Remember part of your voice is a muscle and needs to be exercised at the right pace for maximum results. If you rush you will end up having to take time out with a sore throat.

Lastly, there is a lot of information to get through in this program. Don’t get overwhelmed if you are a beginner. Just follow Aaron’s advice and you will finish the course with the singing voice you’ve always wanted.

Advice On Buying The Superior Singing Method

If you are planning on trying out this vocal coaching course, here are some things that you really should know beforehand.

The price of this product is currently $97. Some people have reported seeing this course cheaper on certain websites but often these can be fraudulent downloads or inferior pirated versions. Please make sure you don’t fall for one of those scams.

The official website is at the link below and the official price is $97. Anything less than $97 could get you into trouble with the copyright holder, Aaron Anastasi.

The course comes with a complete “no questions asked” money back guarantee for 60 days protected by and the shipping is free as the material is delivered through a private membership area instantly upon checkout.

Superior Singing Method Review – Final Verdict

Based on all of my own experiences, I believe that the Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi is a coaching course that really can teach anyone of any ability how to sing with incredible power, control and pitch.

It’s available at the moment at a great price which is much less than you would pay for private lessons to reach the same standard. You also get instant access to it, even if it’s 02:00 in the morning. For these reasons and more I give the Superior Singing Method my full recommendation.

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